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Head Shape and Measurement
custom fit

Head Shape and Measurement

Something we hear so often in store is “oh, I must have a odd shaped head”, as a response to our assessment of their head shape.  The fact is we all have unique head shapes, just like we have uniqu...
Gore-Tex so what’s the mystery?
Gear and Gadgets

Gore-Tex so what’s the mystery?

In store one of the least understood products in the motorcycle clothing arena is Gore-Tex.  We get asked “what is it” and “why is it more expensive” so often.  Some people think its some sort of a...
Motorcycle Touring Tips
Asphalt Explorations

Motorcycle Touring Tips

I am often being asked for advice relating to motorcycle touring, especially in the summer months, so here are some simple tips that I have found useful over the last 20+ years of motorcycle tourin...

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