Shoei P.F.S. Personal Fitting System: March 2024 Update!

Shoei P.F.S. Personal Fitting System: March 2024 Update!

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SHOEI P.F.S. - Personal Fitting System

March 2024 Update

Core Concept

A good and stable fit of the helmet in every riding situation is essential for the active safety of a motorbike helmet. To further adjust the already outstanding fit of Shoei helmets to individual head shapes and thus contribute to even more comfort and safety when riding a motorbike, SHOEI has developed a system for customised fitting, called the Personal Fitting System (PFS).

Industry Game Changer

Shoei’s Personal Fitting System is an industry game changer, it is the first time a helmet manufacturer has been able to offer a method to reliably custom fit a motorcycle helmet. To date the best that was available would have involved replacing or modifying cheek pads and crown pads to make them thicker or thinner. Pretty good but it was totally reliant on the individual fitters training and experience. Shoei’s system takes custom fitting to new levels of detail, using specialist precision measuring devices, coupled with a intelligent computer program that learns from every fit session, along with fully trained PFS approved fitters. Nothing before has come so close to a perfect custom fitting solution.

At this point it is worth reminding people why it is not (has never been) possible to custom mould the EPS within a motorcycle helmet and retain its safety certification.  Not only is it impractical to mould EPS to individual head shapes, but due to the ECE 22-06 current and the old ECE 22-05 standard restrictions, all motorcycle helmets must be submitted for approval testing in every size and once approved, it is not permissible to modify the EPS in the helmet.  Any changes to density and or thickness of the EPS could adversely affect the helmets impact energy distribution & suppression performance. Over the years there have been many stories floating around regarding fitting of helmets, nearly all were urban myths.

Analysis of head shape

At first, the head is measured with a specially developed measuring instrument. The obtained measurements are then entered into a software programme. Based on this data and the desired helmet model from our product range, the software generates a recommendation for the helmet size as well as a list of any necessary adjustment positions in the upper head area. The cheek pads can also be adjusted independently of this process.

Adjusting the helmet

With the help of the recommendation from the program’s algorithm, the head padding of the desired SHOEI helmet model is first provisionally fitted with test fitting inserts. After a fit assessment and any additional fine-tuning, the final insert selections are finally fixed to the crown pad and if necessary alternative fit cheek pads will be fitted. The helmet is thus adapted to the individual head shape.

Adjustable helmet models

The Personal Fitting System can be used for all current SHOEI helmet models, as well as for some models from previous generations.

In store we now have kits to carryout PFS adjustments on:

  • Neotec-3, Neotec-2
  • GT-Air-3, Gt-Air-2
  • NXR-2, NXR
  • X-SPR-Pro, X-Spirit III
  • Hornet ADV
  • J-Cruise II, J-Cruise
  • J.O, X-Zero, Glamster

Although we have some kits for older models, we would strongly advise against trying to PFS a helmet that is over 5 years old. The helmet has reached the end of its useful life and the internal crown pad and cheek pads would most likely need replacing, costing in the region of £130 for the set.

Time required for the fitting

The initial assessment and head measurements usually takes about 10 minutes, then the test fit adjustments and fine-tuning can take an additional 20 to 30 minutes.

Adjustment costs

The price for the PFS procedure is £50. However, the actual costs depend on the time and material expenditure. If intermediate sizes of head and cheek pads from SHOEI's range of accessories are also required for the fitting, these may be charged additionally. This also applies to adjustments of used SHOEI helmets or helmets that have been purchased from a non-PFS Approved retailer. Helmets over 5 years from date of purchase / first use, should be considered for replacement, rather than custom fitting.

P.F.S. Centres

The individual adjustment of SHOEI helmet models using the PFS System can only be carried out at 10 fully trained and certified SHOEI specialist dealers in the UK. We are proud to be one of them.

P.F.S. Is now available in our Cheltenham store.

Reality Check

Although Shoei helmets with the addition of PFS can be adapted to fit the majority of European head shapes, the reality is that it is NOT possible to modify a Shoei helmet fit ALL head shapes. The good news is that with our experience and knowledge of motorcycle helmets, we should be able to help you find the most suitable helmet for your individual requirements.

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